About Us

About Us

Anacortes Dermatology was founded in 2011. The focus of our clinic is the treatment of all diseases and conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.  Please click the links below to learn more about our staff.:

Wirt Hines MD PHD

Emma Nygard ARNP

Nancy LPN

TIffany MA-C

Consuelo MA-C

Peggy MA-C

Staci Mays


Single-use plastic waste is a rampant problem in medicine, contributing to approximately 1% of all the landfill space in the United States.  Sadly, even the packaging of these single-use items is plastic (i.e. plastic wrapped in more plastic). The average hysterectomy produces over 20 pounds of waste in plastic, packaging, and drapes. Surgical drapes (the covering normally used for sterile surgeries) are actually large sheets of plastic polypropylene which simulates fabric.  The problem of plastic waste destroying our environment is getting worse, because single-use plastics have a lower cost and higher convenience factor, with more clinical instruments and supplies being marked as “single use”. We are doing our part to reduce plastic waste by substituting natural cotton fibers for our surgical drapes, sterile packaging, and other reuseable substitutes when possible.  These are thoroughly washed, sanitized, and sterilized by autoclave.  We avoid disposal of 5-6 large trash bags of plastic waste every week because of these changes.

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