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Welcome to Anacortes Dermatology

If you are looking for a dermatologist in Anacortes, you have arrived at the right place.  We are located in downtown Anacortes, Washington, just a short drive from Mount Vernon, Burlington, Bellingham, Whidbey Island, and Camano Island.  Not only do our patients come from these local areas, but we have may patients from Seattle, Everett, Marysville, Arlington, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, and Victoria BC.  Why do they come from so far?  We provide excellent and affordable dermatology care.

We provide medical and surgical treatment for skin diseases and disorders of the hair and nails.  We also specialize in permanent laser hair removal,  laser treatments for rosacea, sun spots, chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light, and surgical correction of eyelid aging. 

Prepare yourself for a highly individualized experience. Imagine having 'concierge' style office visits, where they are unrushed, thorough, and your doctor actually listens to your concerns. Our clinic hours vary throughout the week, but we are closed Tuesdays.  We welcome patients 18 years and older, but do not provide dermatology services for minors. Please call to schedule your appointment with a board certified dermatologist in Anacortes, WA.

(Please call to schedule an appointment prior to online registration)

Experience counts

Our dermatologist, Andy Hines M.D., Ph.D., has extensive experience in nearly every aspect of medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatment of skin disorders. Please click on the links above for details on our cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, photofacials, chemical peels, and treatment of acne scarring.  Dr. Hines brings his skills and experience to patients in Skagit County. Please see attached biographical section for further details on his career.  

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