Curriculum Vitae

Wirt (Andy) Hines M.D., Ph.D.


Anacortes Dermatology Inc.

902 28th. St., Anacortes, WA 98221

(360) 399-6036 (w) (360) 395-8768 (cell)



1989-1993 Reed College, Portland, Oregon. B.A. Biology, 1993

1994-2001 University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah. Combined M.D. & Ph.D., Ph.D. in Human Genetics specializing in study of cell signaling and Ras pathways.

2001-2002 University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah. Internal Medicine Internship, Department of Internal Medicine.

2002-2005 University of Colorado Health Sciences, Denver, Colorado.

Dermatology Residency. Chief Resident 2002-2005.

2005-2006 University of Colorado Health Sciences, Denver, Colorado.

Fellowship in Mohs Micrographic and Reconstructive Surgery. Specializing in surgical reconstruction and management of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Certified by the American College of Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology. Program director Ramsey Mellette M.D.

Honors, Awards:

1992-1993 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Award

1993 Reed College Excellence in Scholarship Award. Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Reed College.

1993-1994 Howard Hughes Medical Student Undergraduate Research Award

1996-1997 American Heart Association Research Fellowship Award

1997-1999 Thomas Dee Award in Human Genetics: Distinction and Achievement in Genetic Research

2004-2005 Chief Resident of Dermatology. University of Colorado

Research Experience and Employment:

1988-1990 Research Assistant, University of Utah, Department of Internal Medicine. Performed computer assisted heart mapping on Wolff-Parkinson-White and heart transplant patients.

1992 Research Assistant, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Utah. Investigation of the protein/RNA interactions of selenoprotein-P RNA.

1993-1994 Research Assistant, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Utah. Studied autoimmune hepatitis and developed a novel method for screening expression libraries.

1993-1994 Research Assistant, Department of Human Genetics, University of Utah. Investigated the co-translational frameshifting of ornithine decarboxylase antizyme.

1996-1999 Ph.D. Graduate Student Research, University of Utah, Department of Human Genetics. Worked with Andrew Thorburn Ph.D. on the mechanisms of signal transduction in cardiac myocyte differentiation.

2000-2001 Dermatology Research Honors Program, University of Utah, Department of Dermatology. Worked with Gerald Krueger MD using Langerhans cells as vehicles to deliver modified gene products to the skin for use in gene therapy.

2004-2005 University of Colorado, Department of Dermatology. Developed a whole yeast recombinant vaccine to prevent development and progression of melanoma.

2005-2006 University of Colorado, Department of Dermatology. Instructor Fellow.

Introduced surgical approaches to Mohs Surgery on invasive melanomas using rapid MART-1 immuno-histocytochemistry staining. Performed majority of surgical treatment of melanomas at the University.

2006-2009 Rosario Skin Clinic, Mt. Vernon, WA. Private Practice. Practice areas included Mohs Micrographic Surgery, skin cancer surgery, surgical dermatology, medical dermatology, lasers, cosmetics

2011-2014 NeighborCare Health, Seattle WA. Practice areas included medical and surgical dermatology. Only dermatologist in this large group practice.

2012-Current Anacortes Dermatology, Anacortes, WA. Practice areas include medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology.

2018-Current Seattle University: Teaching Dermatology to Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) Students, Clinical and Didactics formal lectures.

Oral Presentations (Professional):

1992 Sandbaken M., Hines W.A., Larsen B., Gesteland R., Atkins J.,

Induction of translation of three proteins by the addition of 5’ NCR of human selenoprotein P RNA in reticulocyte and wheat germ lysates. National Selenium Meeting, CO,1992.

1993 Hines W.A., Shampay J.

Non-nucleosomal organization and the protein/DNA structure of telomeres. National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Kalamazoo MI, 1993.

1996 Hines W.A., Boulet A., Cappechi M.,

Targeting the murine Hox-C9 locus for knockout by homologous recombination. University of Utah Medical Student Symposium, Deer Valley, UT, 1996.

1997 Hines W.A., Thorburn A.M

Gq, Ras, and Rho mediated signaling in cardiac cell hypertrophy. Conference on Spatial and Temporal Determinants of Cell Signaling, Keystone, CO, 1997 and University of Utah Dept. of Human Genetics Retreat, Snowbird UT, 1997.

1997 Hines W.A., Thorburn A.M.,

Gq, Ras, and Rho mediated signaling in cardiac cell hypertrophy. Conference on Molecular Medicine:Experimental Approaches to Understanding and Treating Disease, Aspen, CO, 1997.

1998 Hines W.A., Thorburn J., Thorburn A.M.

Cell Signaling in Cardiac Hypertrophy National M.D./Ph.D. Conference on Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Disease, Aspen, CO, 1998.

2003 Hines W.A. Colorado Dermatologic Society annual meeting. Maggots in Wound Healing: Tiny Surgeons with an Appetite

2003 Hines W.A. University of Colorado Dermatology Grand Rounds, Idiopathic and Chronic Urticaria.

2004 Hines W.A. Colorado Dermatology Society annual meeting. Eosinophilic pustulosis in infants.

2005 Hines W.A. University of Colorado Dermatology Grand Rounds

Mohs Micrographic Surgery on Melanoma

2006 Hines W.A. University of Colorado, Multidisciplinary Research . Mohs Micrographic Surgery on Invasive Melanoma

2006 Hines W.A. Skagit Valley Hospital. Continuing Medical Education Lecture

Melanoma: Diagnosis, Management, Surgery

2006 Hines W.A. North Cascade Family Physicians noon staff meeting

Management of Skin Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment

2009 Hines W.A. Providence Medical Center Educational Conference

Diagnosis and Management of pigmented skin lesions

Oral Presentations (Invited speaking engagements):

2010 Hines W.A. Anacortes Rotary Club: A Personal Story About Recovering from Mental Illness

2010 Hines W.A. Fidalgo Rotary Club: Recovering From Mental Illness

2010 Hines W.A. Washington State University: Leadership Skagit Program. Recovering from Mental Illness

2011 Hines W.A. La Conner Rotary Club: A Personal Story of Recovering from Mental Illness

2011 Hines W.A. Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce: Skagit Young Leaders Bipolar Disorder, Mental Illness, and Social Stigma

2011 Hines W.A. Anacortes Kiwanis International: A Personal Story of Recovering from Mental Illness

2011 Hines W.A. Rotary Club International: Mental Illness, Stigma, and the Community

2012 Hines W.A. Leadership Skagit Program: Washington State University

Overcoming the Stigma: A personal story of recovering from mental illness

2013 Hines W.A., Leadership Skagit Program: Washington State University: Mental Health, Stigma, and our Community

2017 Hines W.A., National Alliance on Mental Illness Education Night: Bipolar Disorder

2018 Hines W.A., Keynote Speaker; Leadership Skagit Program: Washington State University: Bipolar Disorder

2018 Hines W.A., Elks Club, Anacortes: Mental Illness and Bipolar Disorder

2018 Hines W.A., Massage Therapy Association of Washington State: Dermatology for Massage Therapists, Skin Cancer

2019 Hines W.A., Soroptimist of Anacortes, The Stigma of Mental Illness

2020 Hines W.A., Keynote lecture, Skagit Leadership Program: Bipolar disorder

2021- Retired from speaking engagements.


Wirt A. Hines, Thorburn J., Thorburn A.M. Cell Density and Contraction Regulate p38 MAP Kinase-dependent Responses in Neonatal Rat Cardiac Myocytes American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 277 (46): H331-341, 1999.

Hines W.A. Paniker, U. Ring Around the Collar Area. American Journal of Medicine 2005 Mar;118(3):217-8

Rieman H., Hines W.A., Fujita M., Generation of a Melanoma Vaccine Using Whole recombinant yeast expressing MART-1. Journal of Experimental Dermatology 2008, April:

Hines W.A., Thorburn A.M. Ras and Rho are Required for Gq-Induced Hypertrophic Gene Expression in Neonatal Rat Cardiac Myocytes, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 30, 485-494, 1998.

Professional Societies and memberships:

American Medical Association-AMA (active, good standing)

Skagit Island Medical Society (active, good standing)

American College of Mohs Surgery (inactive)

Washington Physician Health Program-WPHP (in good standing)

Skin Disease Education Foundation-SDEF (lapsed)

Washington State Dermatology Association (lapsed, renewal processing)

Washington State Medical Associatioon (active, good standing)

American Geriatrics Society (in good standing)

Licensure and certification:

Medical License, State of Colorado, #40748, (Inactive)

Medical License, State of Washington, #MD00045767 (Active)

DEA License (Active)

Basic Life Support-inactive

Advanced Cardiac Life Support-(Active)

CME certification requirement- Current

Board Certification; American Board of Dermatology (Active)

Medicare Provider, Participating (Active)

Dermatology training and experience:

Medical, surgical, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology

Dermatologic and Mohs Micrographic Surgery on cutaneous cancers

Reconstructive surgery of the skin

Blephroplasty, upper and lower (eyelid lifts).

Hair transplantation

Eyelid reconstructive surgery

Mohs surgery on invasive melanoma and lentigo maligna melanoma using immuno-histocytochemistry with MART-1 antigen rapid immunostaining on frozen sections.

Basic and clinical sciences of cutaneous melanoma and epithelial cancers

Lasers: Ablative skin resurfacing using Er:Yag 2940 nm laser, treating vascular lesions using pulsed dye 585 nm and KTP 532 nm, pigmented lesions treatment with alexandrite laser 755 nm and 1094 nm lasers, 1390 nm Nd:yag non ablative scar remodeling, intense pulsed light, vascular laser ablation with long pulsed 1064 Nd:Yag. Tattoo removal and treatment of melasma with Q-switched ND:Yag and Q-switched 532 KTP lasers. Educated and trained on non-ablative radiofrequency skin ablation and fractional ablative technologies. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radiofrequency treatment of photodamage, pigment and rosacea.

Laser hair removal using 810 nm Diode laser

Laser tattoo removal, 532/1064 nm

Botox, fillers (collagen, restylane, sculptra, etc), dermabrasion, chemical peels (superficial, medium, and deep), sclerotherapy of superficial veins.

Hobbies, Interests, Volunteer work:

2017: Board of Directors, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Skagit County

2018-2019: President, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Skagit County

2017-2019: Board of Directors; Compass Health, PACT program (Program of Assertive Community Treatment)

Educating our community on mental illness and the stigma it exacts on those with it.

Spending time with my wonderful wife and eleven year old daughter.

Educating our community on skin disease and treatments

2011-2019: Owner/operator of Anacortes Honey Company LLC, which produces local honey and pollination services for our community.

2017-current: Community clinical and didactic instructor for ARNP students at Seattle University

2020-Current: Voting Delegate to the Washington State Medical Association